How to Treat Impetigo on Face Naturally

 The facial skin is rather sensitive and easily gets affected by bacterial infections.  The skin’s tolerance to harsh medicated creams is reduced, hence treating any infectious process occurring there, can be difficult.

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Impetigo is a contagious skin infection, usually infecting the skin covering the face, especially around the corners of the nose and mouth.  They appear as tiny fluid-filled skin pouches, which when broken open, weeps a fluid that eventually harden up, and look like hardened honey crystals.

Like with all contagious skin infections, it is recommended that medical therapy first be followed to treat impetigo, to prevent its spread.

Natural therapy can be followed along with the medical treatment, so as to assist the body in a quick healing process.

Natural Remedies for Facial Impetigo

–       Manuka honey has natural antibacterial properties.  This also has the ability to encourage the production of special cells that can aid in repairing damaged skin tissues in an effective manner.  Since it is used for medicinal purposes, it is recommended that medical-grade manuka honey be purchased which will be specially sterilized, and can be safely used for dressing open skin wounds.

Apply the honey directly over the impetigo sores several times in a day to reduce inflammation, and to check bacterial growth.

–       Turmeric paste heals open skin wounds wonderfully.  Take one-fourth teaspoon of turmeric powder, add a few drops of water and make a thick paste.  Apply this paste directly over the open skin and let it stay.  If needed, hold the turmeric in place with a Band-Aid.  Turmeric will prevent bacteria from entering the wound, as well as kill any bacteria that are already present within.

–       The outer covering of black walnut has very effective and powerful antibacterial properties.  This natural ingredient can be ingested as well as applied directly over impetigo sores.

A poultice can be prepared from green walnut hulls.  Remove the hull, and boil it in water.  When soft, remove, place them in a sterile piece of cloth, and apply it over the open skin areas.

Black walnut tincture can be prepared from its fresh green hulls.  Add half a teaspoon of the tincture to fresh juices and consume before meals to assist the body in fighting against the infection.

–       Coconut oil can kill bacteria.  When applied over skin, it forms a thin coating over the wound, protecting it from the entry of microorganisms and dust particles.  This will aid in speeding the healing process.  Moreover, this natural oil has moisturizing effects that will keep the skin well hydrated while healing.

–       Aloe vera gel found in the inner parts of the plant leaf, has certain chemical substances that can effectively destroy harmful bacteria.  It also can prevent death of healthy cells that surround the skin wound.  Apply freshly extracted aloe gel over the open impetigo sores several times in a day, for effective skin healing.

–       Colloidal silver is another natural antibiotic that can be put to use for impetigo cure.  This is something that can be obtained from reputed health stores.  Apply anywhere between 1 to 3 drops of colloidal silver over the skin sores, and it will do its work of killing the bacteria and supplying a curing effect.

A couple of drops of colloidal silver can be added to one’s drink as well to kill bacteria from within.

While substances that have anti-bacterial effects are consumed, it is recommended that the consumption of probiotics be increased, to retain the count of healthy bacteria within the body.

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