How To Cure Impetigo by Stephen Sanderson : Method & Ingredients Review

 Impetigo is a worrisome skin infectious condition that is commonly experienced by young toddlers who are especially in the age group of two to four years.

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What is Impetigo?

A superficial infection of skin, caused by bacterial strains, is what is known as impetigo.  This easily communicable skin infection is usually brought on by the staphylococcus bacterial strain, but sometimes, the streptococcus bacteria too may be involved in its existence.  These cause small pimple-like skin elevations, that easily break open and ooze out its liquid content.  The liquid material gradually hardens into a thick crust, and is usually honey colored.

As stated, children are more prone to developing this infection, usually by cutting their skin through which the bacteria enters into their system and triggers the infection.  This is not uncommon among adults, though, especially in those who live in cramped living conditions.

Impetigo Symptoms

–       Red and inflamed skin protuberances, with a liquid-filled pouch on its top

–       Open sores with fluid oozing out

–       Hardened liquid material turning into scabs

–       Itchiness, skin soreness, fever and discomfort felt at times

Treating Impetigo

The traditional treatment methods available for impetigo cure involve the use of antibiotics, either in the form of pills or as topical creams.  While topical applications are usually preferred for treating this skin condition, since only the superficial area of the skin is infected, creams will not work well towards clearing impetigo that has infected a large area of skin.  Also, some sufferers have gone on to experience increased redness, itchiness and a burning sensation with impetigo topical applicant use.

Oral antibiotics on the other hand, though will work effectively in curing severe impetigo infections, it usually causes secondary adverse effects on one’s health.  Sufferers on oral antibiotics have complained of fatigue, stomach problems, problems with moving bowels, and lack of appetite.

How To Cure Impetigo

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