Home Remedies for Impetigo Treatment

Superficial skin infections can be a very irritating condition to be suffering from.  Most of them itch, cause redness, and are not so appealing to look at.

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Impetigo is one such condition that not only cause irritation, but can also spread to others very easily.  The condition is brought on either by streptococci or staphylococci, and is basically of two types – bullous and non-bullous type of impetigo.  The most common is the non-bullous type, and it is generally young children who get infected by it more commonly.

The symptom presentation of this contagious skin condition is honey-colored crusts over small circumscribed skin elevations, usually with an inflamed base.  These crusts then burst open and weep out thick fluid which is nothing but pus material.  Impetigo skin patches tend to only get bigger and bigger if left untreated.

The conventional methods of impetigo treatment involve the use of antibiotics, both topically and orally.  Usually it is the combined, topical and oral antibiotics, treatment form followed to achieve a more rapid healing.

Home remedial methods too can be followed to experience impetigo relief.

Impetigo Home Remedies

When skin scrapes, nips, or gets cut, the area should be immediately washed with clean water and an antiseptic solution.  Even insect bites should never be neglected, wash off the area right away.

If and when impetigo strikes, then it is recommended to wash the skin area with soap and water and cover it with a sterile bandage to stop the spread of infection to other skin areas.

The infected person’s clothes, bed linen and towels should preferably be washed on a daily basis, and should never be shared with other family members.

Gloves should be worn while washing and applying medicated solutions over the area.  Hands should be washed thoroughly if direct contact with the blisters occurs.

It is wise to keep the infected person confined at home until the infection clears out.

Certain natural ingredients may be put to use in the meantime to help the infection heal faster.

–       Coconut Oil  This is one natural oil that has been in use for ages to maintain beautiful skin.  It is easily absorbed by the skin, and because of its natural antibacterial properties, when applied directly over infected skin areas, it helps in a better healing process.

Apply the oil over skin half an hour before bath time.  Regular application of this will also help in preventing any scar formation.

–       Tea Tree Oil  This natural oil can effectively fight and kill various strains of bacteria.  While washing the impetigo skin area, add a couple of tea tree oil drops to the water and cleanse.  Dry the area thoroughly and use a cotton swab to spread tea tree oil over the infected skin area.  Once the crust comes off, continue to apply tea tree oil over the skin, preferably once in the morning and again before bedtime, to kill the bacteria.

Tea tree oil can also be added to the infected person’s bath water to stop the spread of infection.

–       Probiotics  Individuals suffering from impetigo should up their intake of probiotics to increase the buildup of good bacteria within their system.  Yogurt or probiotic supplement pills may be taken on a regular basis.  A healthy count of good bacteria within will aid in fending off the bad bacteria which usually bring about infectious conditions.

Along with these, a good healthy diet and a regular exercise routine followed will improve the functions of the immune system and protect the body better.

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